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The Bidet

Everything There Is To Know, From The First and Only Book On The Bidet; An Elegant Solution for Comfort, Health, Happiness, Ecology, and Economy; The Topic No One Talks About, The Device That Can Save Your Health.

Written by William Bruneau
Published: September, 2004. 112 pages.
Spiralbound. $7.95
ISBN 0-9748799-0-8     LCCN: 2004096271


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Straw Bale and Rammed Earth Buildings

    Table Of Contents

Preface 3
Introduction 7

Different Kinds of Bidets

Floor Models - The Dedicated Bidet 14
The Classic Bidet 14
The French Bidet 15
The Shower Toilet 16

Bidets That Are Part Of The Toilet 18
TSBs - Toilet Seat Bidets 18
Handheld Bidets 20
Travelerís Portable Bidet 22

Benefits of The Bidet

Comfort and Cleanliness 24
Elderly and Physically Challenged 25
Care givers 27
Care of The Genetalia 27
Pregnancy 28
Infant Care / Potty Training 28
Physical Intimacy / Sexual Intercourse 29

Health 30
Traditional Bidets and Sitz Baths 32
Disease Prevention 33
Pruritus Ani 34
Dermatitis 34
Bowel Dysfunction 35
Constipation 36
Diarrhea and Incontinence 40
Hydro-Massage, Hydrotherapy, etc. 43
Hemorrhoids 46
Infection (Urinary Tract, Genitals) 48
Post-Surgery 51

Ecology 51
Recycling 52
Bleached Toilet Paper 53
Increased Efficiencies of Bidets 54

Cleaning And Drying

The Bidet is useful in all 3 stages of elimination 56
1. To Induce Defecation 56
2. To Expedite Defecation 58
3. To Clean Up After 59
Some Hints on Bowel Movements 60

Cleaning Yourself With A Bidet 61
Original Bidet - Flooded Bowl 61
Fixed Spray Bidets 62
Handheld Bidets 63

Drying Techniques 66
(Air Dry, Rag of Towel, and Toilet Paper)
Hygiene - Concerns About Cleanliness 69


Other Uses of The Bidet 70
Setting Up The Bidet Unit 72
Water (Quality, Pressure, Temperature) 75
History Of Elimination 79

References 84
Bidet Manufacturers and Bidet Re-Sellers 105
Disclaimer 111

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