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Everything There Is To Know, From The First and Only Book On The Bidet; An Elegant Solution for Comfort, Health, Happiness, Ecology, and Economy; The Topic No One Talks About, The Device That Can Save Your Health.

Written by William Bruneau
Published: September, 2004. 112 pages.
Spiralbound. $7.95
ISBN 0-9748799-0-8     LCCN: 2004096271


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This is a selection from the Introduction to this book. This represents about a page of content, but has been reformatted and slightly altered for ease of reading on the web.

One unfortunate child in my elementary school made the mistake of peeing in his pants one day. For years afterward he was daily defamed as "Leaky Lahey ." To this day I cringe at the thought of how he suffered. Many of us have similar early trauma and it shows in our social denial.

"Tensions produced by guilt or ugliness associated with the act {of elimination} will prevent its completion." 2

"Why don't bidets grace most American bathrooms? Well, bidets are dedicated solely to helping people better bathe their vulvas, anuses, penises, and the regions around them. This requires paying close attention to, and often touching, one's genitalia after urination, bowel movements, et. al., something many Americans find dirty, sinful, embarrassing, or just plain weird." 3

Actually there is much less touching with the bidet than with a conventional toilet, and with some units no touching is required at all. Bidets are a very simple, affordable, hands-off way to stay completely clean, thus eliminating a lot of the perceived ugliness and unpleasantness of a biological function we do most every day.

Water cleansing has long been embraced by most of the world as much healthier and more comfortable than wiping to get clean (as with toilet paper). To most continental Europeans, not having a bidet in the bathroom is unthinkable and uncivilized. A home without a bidet would be (to them) as poorly equipped as one without a toilet or tub. Its usefulness and importance to their health and cleanliness goes without question. As a result many Europeans are perplexed that our American obsession with cleanliness has overlooked the bidet's many personal benefits.

Consider their point of view. We spend billions of dollars every year on perfumes, cosmetics, and myriad other personal care preparations. We spend billions of dollars every year on drugs and medical services to keep ourselves healthy. We keep 98% of our body fastidiously well-washed and clean, while perpetually going about with soiled and smelly derrieres and private parts. We ignore a simple, often inexpensive device known to improve our health and hygiene.

How do we do our laundry? Do we wipe it off and use it again? Clean water (and soap) has always been the cleaning agent of choice. Washing hands well with clean tap water is sufficient to clean minor wounds.4 No one would suggest that just wiping your soiled hands with some cloth or paper would be adequate to clean them.

No matter what toilet paper you use, it is insufficient to properly clean your behind. You can sterilize it, perfume it, moisten it, but in the end it is still paper smearing your defecation over your skin. This really is no different than primitives using leaves, moss, or corn cobs to clean themselves.

"I was used to bidets before coming to the US and had a great deal of difficulty adjusting to toilet paper only. Then I came across Taharex on the web and was happy to go back to my cleansing standards..." 5

Some misinformed Americans maintain that if people take enough baths or showers they do not need the Bidet. We have to realize that the bidet does not compete with the bathtub or shower - it is a different device that complements and extends the cleaning functions of these other bathroom fixtures. The bidet is a unique cleaning facility, well-suited to the fast pace of our modern lives.

We think we are achieving a high level of cleanliness taking daily showers rather than a less frequent bath, but we still soil ourselves and wear the residue every day. Tiny Tim (the entertainer) once told a reporter he showered after every bowel movement to "avoid stains on the underwear." 6

"To the idiot who thinks having a shower is cleaner: So you like washing your poop onto the floor you stand on? Lovely, I hope I don't have to share a bathroom with you. The bidet is designed for this, the shower isn't." 7

The bidet provides a level of cleanliness that just can't be achieved with mere wiping, douching, or showering.


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