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Folic Acid:

Everything You Need to Know About Folic Acid
(Folate, Vit B9)   From the Latest Research:
Crucial To Everyone's Health and Longevity

Written by William Bruneau
Publish Date: September 1, 2007
Price $7.95
128 pages
ISBN 0974879916 LCCN: xxx


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The most up-to-date book on all the folates, with a new re-assessment of folic acid, the popular synthetic form.

Folic Acid: Everything Known... is a good read. While solidly based on peer-reviewed research, this book is a very readable, basic primer for anyone who wants the benefits of improved health and longevity. It is our humble opinion that even health professionals could benefit greatly from referring to this cutting-edge summation of all the most recent and relevant published research.

Folic acid is best known as the vitamin that stops birth defects, but recent research has established that it is perhaps the most important vitamin of all. Actually folic acid is the ubquitous synthetic form found in fortified foods and vitamin supplements. It is just one part of a large, not completely understood family: the folates. The folates are absolutely essential for everyone's health and well-being. Everyone needs folate for the integrity of their DNA and proper functioning of their cells and genes.

Various scientific studies claim that anywhere from 10% to 67% of us (men, women, and children) are deficient in folates and at risk for many deficiency diseases. Young women of child-bearing age have the greatest need, but paradoxically tend to have low levels of folate - even after food fortification with folic acid!

This book contains everything you need to know about this crucial vitamin. Fully up-to-date, it is based on the latest scientific research. This book describes what folates are, what they do, and explains how and why they is crucial for your health and longevity. How much to take for optimum health is described. Current research questions the adequacy of the current Recommended Daily Allowances. One goal of this book is to help determine how much folate is adequate for the reader. Folate needs vary significantly and this book helps you figure out an appropriate dosage for your particular needs.

This book lists the many ways folates are currently known to benefit your body, and cites an impressive list of diseases and conditions that result from not having enough of this essential vitamin, such as birth defects, many types of cancer and heart disease, stroke, and a wide range of psychological conditions(including depression, dementia, Alzheimers, schizophrenia, and epilepsy). Many others are strongly suspected like autism, brain atrophy, and vitalgo. Folates are thought to benefit everything from your bones to greying hair to psoriasis. This book clearly describes the evidence and the best way to avoid these risks.

The folate family is well characterized. The value and limitations of the synthetic folic acid are described. Other forms of folate that make better supplements are introduced. The reasons for universal fortification with folic acid are explained, as well as arguements against fortification. The few situations where too much folate is a problem are also covered.

Homocysteine is also explained in this book - what it is and why abnormal levels have become such a concern to health professionals. There has been a tremendous amount of research in the last 10 years on this essential part of your body's biochemistry, and this book summarizes what this research has actually determined. While folic acid is the largest single determinant of your homocysteine level, this book clearly describes the other known factors that affect your level of homocysteine.

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