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Folic Acid:

Everything You Need to Know About Folic Acid
(Folate, Vit B9)   From the Latest Research:
Crucial To Everyone's Health and Longevity

Written by William Bruneau
Publish Date: September 1, 2007
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128 pages
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"One thing is for sure, folate is of great interest and of great clinical value, a veritable panacea among functional foods... it is not hard to envisage a new era in preventive medicine that has even greater emphasis on diet as a means to a long and healthy life, indeed, a return to Hippocrates famous - Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food - philosophy." (1)

In recent years, the folates have become the most prominent of the B-complex vitamins... Yet despite their essential biochemical function of transporting single-carbon fragments in amino acid metabolism and nucleic acid synthesis, folates were... Not long ago... considered relatively unimportant - even dangerous. The timeline of the folates starts with a brief period of enthusiasm accompanying its isolation and synthesis, followed by decades of disrepute. Now, folates have emerged as an indispensable nutrient in areas far removed from their original indications. (2)

The Importance of Folates

Modern research, much of it in the last five years, suggests that folates are the most important vitamin of all. Adequate folate is absolutely essential for everyone's growth, good health and well being. Yet most people, if they are aware of Vitamin B9 at all, think of it as a vitamin for pregnant women.

The critical role of folates in your life process has best been shown by how it kills growth in its absence. For decades sulfa drugs have been important antibiotics. Microbes make their own folate; sulfa drugs substitute an anti-folate that cripples their ability to manufacture folates, and as a result they cannot grow or reproduce. (11,13) Anti-malarials work this way as well. (15) Folate antagonists were among the first chemicals to be used in chemotherapy by starving cancer cells of the folates that they need to grow. (12,13)

Folates play crucial roles in the life processes of your cells. (13) Folate is essential for normal cell growth and replication - which is particularly important during infancy and pregnancy. Folate is necessary to create and repair DNA, and it also helps prevent unwanted changes to DNA. (5,6) Currently there is evidence to suggest that folate deficiency significantly affects spontaneous chromosome damage. (3,10)

Folates are essential to the development of the central nervous system. (14) and remain important to the nervous system at all ages. (4) Folates are important in a number of other areas which we will address later.

Historically, folates were first known for preventing anemia and birth defects. During the 1970s and 1980s there was gradual and increasing recognition of the benefits of the vitamin in neuropsychiatric disorders associated with folate-deficiency anemia. By the end of the 1980s folate's connection to heart disease and cancer was well known. (7,8,9) Today there is a long list of disease and conditions linked with folate deficiency. This book contains the most comprehensive list of these diseases and conditions available anywhere.

A dark side of folate has recently emerged. There is some evidence that too much folic acid (synthetic folate) might damage your health and even lead to a premature death [See Toxic or Poisonous Levels of FA ] Some synthetic folates are more efficient and better tolerated by your body. The absolute latest research is included in this book to help you find the right amount and right kind of folate to suit your needs.

All of this information is available on the internet somewhere, but it has taken two years of research to find it. Nearly 40,000 journal articles have been culled for almost a thousand compelling articles that are the basis of this book. Some of the most important research in this book is virtually unknown outside of the scientific community.

Even though this information is from peer-review science journals, some of it is too controversial for many official sources. This is the stuff you need to know - it may save your life. This book is the best source of complete impartial, up-to-date, state-of-the-art information for the public, and would serve well as a handy reference for professionals.


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