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Internet Information

Links are an essential part of the Web, and without them it would be much less useful. We exchange links with several types of enterprises and find all of them either interesting or useful.
Internet Information provides a number of internet information services, and/or gadgets for your use and enjoyment.

Useful Bidet Links

World Bidet Association

This is an organization that seeks to educate the public in the benefits of the bidet. It also is trying to represent all manufacturers and types of bidets. A good first attempt to put order and standards into the bidet marketplace. Worth checking out.

Bidet Sellers

Description: Magic John website. A major reseller of bidets. Carry a number of good brands. Have been in the book from the start. You can also call them at 1-800-550-0056 anytime.

The Factory Outlet
Description: The Factory Outlet website. A major reseller of bidets (along with many other things). Carry a number of good brands. Have been in the book from the start. Asked me to mention their massage chairs in this link.


AnyTitle.com - A meta-search service to find the latest, greatest or rarest books, movies, music titles or digital downloads. Conduct broad searches to many retail outlets for comparison shopping, send in your wantlist, or hire an assistant that looks for you.

The Opinion Guide -Your online shopping mall for Books, magazines, book reviews, e-books, art & history, politics, biographies, children books, engineering book, comics, novels, romance, sports, travel

Web Directories/Search Engines

United Net - Free Web Hosting, No Ads
Provides 15MB of FREE web space, full FTP access, complete SSI support, colour statistics, unlimited email forwarding, full .htaccess support and more

AbiLogic Web Directory

Allthewebsites Directory - A niche web directory offering website promotion and other webmaster resources.

Submit Free to ExactSeek

Greenstalk Supreme Quality Web Directory

Health at Primo Directory

Elib Directory: Health in California

World Site Index - A searchable directory of websites organised by subject.

@Submit!-FREE Promotion

Search Engine Submission and Internet Marketing

Other Useful Links

Chinese Medicine Directory
Description: Chinese Medicine Directory website. Over 100,000 Diverse Websites & Internal Links Ė Family, Health, Business, Sports, News & More..

Internet Information

Live Weather. View local weather conditions and forecasts provided by WeatherBug. Enjoy a great international weather service right on your homepage. Simply edit the settings to enter your local city

Free Text Message - Send a Free Text Message (US only)

Currency Converter - This is the Forex Currency Converter, the most popular currency tool on iGoogle with over 180 currencies and commodities. You can perform interactive foreign exchange rate calculations using up-to-the-minute currency rates with historical charts, finance and forex news, and momentum ranking

Google Map Search - Find places with Google Maps without leaving your homepage.

US Yellow Pages - Familiar look and feel of the Yellow Pages in an online searchable format. All cities included.

US Zip Code Lookup - Displays city, state, latitude, longitude for a US zip code

Live stock ticker - Highly customizable. Real time quotes from Yahoo! Finance. Select your preferred indices and stocks and store it. Use symbols used by Yahoo! Finance.

A Bidet Manufacturers and Resellers
Web Directories/Search Engines
Other Useful Links
Internet Information



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