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Major Poetry Reading in Willits

For the last 20 years or so I have created a "Christmas Book" of my best poetry (and writing) of the year, and whenever possible include some writings from of my adult children. Every once an a while my wife does something stunningly beautiful and that is added as well. So this is my family opening its heart to our community. Hundreds of copies of this booklet go out - not just to family, friends and fellow artists - but also to postal workers, grocery clerks, waitresses, etc. This has been a long-term experiment in community art. Since this is the community the art is created in, it should be shared back with that community (and some of the best feedback comes from waitresses, for example). It has been gratifying that other poets and artists have emulated this from time to time.

Three longer poems are accessible by the buttons, and some shorter ones follow. Let me know what you think of them.

The Rescue and the Message (2005)

55 (2005)

An American Adventure (2001)

An American Adventure II (2007)

My latest poetic direction is simple songs. This is the first one that I have been completely happy with... Someday I will have an audio file of this.

The Busker

The busker and guitar living thin living free
just wants to make music    for you and me
sings his heart out    time and again
time is against him    no time to mend

year after year beating back pain and time
takes to the streets    to make a few dimes
sings his heart out    time and again
sings his heart out    time and again

Feeding his family    no time for friends
his body aching    no time to mend
sings his heart out    time and again
sings his heart out    time and again

Catch him on the corner    doiní his song
playing for your money    doesnít have long
sings his heart out    time and again
sings his heart out    time and again

I try and write at least one "religious" poem a year.

Taking Back Christ

Desperately seeking the spirit of Christ
we journey back 2000 years and adopt
the form and structure of his original church
Forever changing what it is to be Episcopal
Casting out vertical authority and dominance
for horizontal sharing, enlightened guidance
we lead by sharing and thus find renaissance

In this garden of our lord and savior
we raise up what we need to grow
from within us comes all that we need
as the holy spirit works its magic
We collaborate to redefine what church is
to the outside world we are the same
but everything and everyone has changed

The Hug

like a precious fledgling
nestled in my nest
as I the enveloper
am nestled in yours

settling warmly into someplace else
that is everything while deliciously nothing
the world is someplace else
as we settle into dispassionate intimacy






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