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Everything There Is To Know, From The First and Only Book On The Bidet; An Elegant Solution for Comfort, Health, Happiness, Ecology, and Economy; The Topic No One Talks About, The Device That Can Save Your Health.

Written by William Bruneau
Published: September, 2004. 112 pages.
Spiralbound. $7.95
ISBN 0-9748799-0-8     LCCN: 2004096271


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This book covers everything known about all bidets

Savvy industry leaders are praising this book...

"I have read with great interest the copy of "The Bidet" you kindly mailed me. You boldly deal with this subject which seems to be the victim of a long-standing conspiracy. You have covered all the different aspects of the bidet that need to be known by the consumer... Your work will be very helpful to wake up Americans to the reality of the bidet." Jorge Rebagliati, Bidematic Bidet System

I read the book cover to cover and found it very accurate, informative and good reading... I am very interested in your book. I chose marketing (the toilet seat bidet) because I truly believe in it. I have three units in my home, two at my office, one in my motor home and on my boat. I potty trained my kids on it and they refuse to sit on a cold seat." Keith Chamblin, Hygiene For Health (perhaps the most knowledgeable bidet marketer in the U.S.)

It s a great book! I enjoyed it a lot. Used it to help me update our website. I showed it to our owner, who is Taiwanese, and who has used a bidet all his life. He liked the book. Marc Wallin, Feel Fresh Bidet

Why bidets are important

Bidets are seductive instruments of gracious comfort. Bidets are an easy way to feel better and to improve your body's health. Generally, you end up more comfortable and much cleaner.

Those of us who suffer from most anal conditions and anal diseases benefit tremendously from using them. Bidets are much cheaper to use than toilets, and hugely benefit our environment in a number of ways. This book delineates the many benefits the bidet offers: sheer comfort, personal cleanliness, perianal health, good ecology, and superior economy.

The only complete and impartial source of information on the bidet.

This book has interesting history, drama, suspense, some really eye-opening facts, and is very good reading for a reference book. It will also positively affect you personally for having read it. Everything known about all the various devices called the bidet is inside.

This book will change your perceptions about your body and your habits, and probably will change your life. The Bidet will also blow your mind, but you will also have at least one good laugh! This book is new but is already acclaimed by health professionals, bidet manufacturers, and general readers.

The Bidet contains everything known about the bidet

This book exhaustively covers the subject. It delineates the many benefits that bidets offer: sheer comfort, personal cleanliness, perianal health, good ecology, and superior economy. The Bidet demystifies and introduces the reader to every type, every use, and every aspect of the various forms of the bidet. Everything known about the bidet is covered in an impartial consumer reports format.

People frequently spend more money on a bidet than they need to.

There can be a big difference in price between bidets that are basically the same. The Bidet book saves you money. It helps you to choose the best bidet for your needs and pocketbook - you can easily save much more than the cover price just by finding the best deal. Modern bidets are a good investment, typically paying themselves off in a very short period of time, and then putting money back in your pocket every time you use them

Surprisingly beneficial to elders' good health,

Bidets are godsends for the sick, physically challenged, and their care givers. A significant portion of The Bidet is devoted to the bidet's crucial value to the elderly, the physically challanged, and the disabled, who have long embraced the bidet as a device that allows them dignity and independence. Care-givers find the bidet a godsend for their work and for the people they care for. Choosing the right bidet for special needs is very important.

Pregnant women find them very useful, and their infants benefit greatly from their use. Some bidets are excellent aids in toilet training. Even the seductive delicacy of physical intimacy benefits from the bidet.

Bidets could be the next revolution in health care.

A local health professional was very excited after reading this book. She immediately ordered two more copies for our local hospitals so that their personnel could understand the multiple medical benefits of this device. A friend of mine from Los Angeles tells me that every new upscale house she visits has a bidet in the women's half of the master bathroom. She also says that all upscale hotels and resorts now are using them.

Yet these are usually French bidets - old technology - whereas modern electronics has created compact "Toilet Seat" bidets that benefit the whole family. My book is your only source that offers impartial and objective advice, and which explains all the devices that are called a bidet, how to use them, who sells them, and how they are used.

Bidets will make a huge difference in your personal comfort and health.

The various devices called the bidet have an astounding number of benefits to offer us. Just the Medical Benefits section of The Bidet book has 96 mostly peer-reviewed citations. Bidets are surprisingly beneficial to your skin s health. You will be amazed by the huge difference in your personal comfort and health once you use them. Bidets are also a supremely beneficial device for our environment, saving the unnecessary destruction of millions of trees, conserving millions of tons of natural resources, and much more. All of this and more is in The Bidet.

Addressing Taboo Subjects

This book sensitively addresses subjects that are often shunned and taboo in our culture. Many do not like to talk about these topics, yet they are essential for top health and well-being. Wry and humorous anecdotes about bidets, their relation to our derrieres, and their use (and misuse) help defuse this difficult subject area, and keep the text light and compelling. Numerous testimonials witness the bidets' pleasant efficacy, and give solid reasons to approach these subjects.

This book is a tremendous bargain!

The Bidet will repay its purchase price many times over by enabling you to find and purchase the best bidet for your needs. Once you have a bidet, you will be putting money back into your pocket every time you use it. You can feel a lot better and be a lot healthier once you start using a bidet, and this book, The Bidet tells you how.

Historic First Edition

The Bidet is the first, and the only book ever published on this topic in the English language. Buy this book and get a historic first edition! There was no book on this topic (and very little else) in the Library of Congress until The Bidet.

This was a fun book to write,

... and I got more and more excited while researching The Bidet. Beyond the many medical benefits, there are mind-boggling ecological ramifications as well. The gracious, almost sybaritic, effects on my personal cleanliness have been an ongoing revelation. I guarantee that you, kind readers, will find your life changed for the better if you read this book, though you may find parts of it unsettling. This often comes with personal growth and change.

"Bill, I liked the book, but now I feel guilty ever time I go to the bathroom!"

This is the only complete and impartial source of bidet information.

This book brings clarity to a confusing bidet marketplace with a consumer's guide that compares all the bidet manufacturers - and lists the typical bidets they sell with features and contact information.

This book received significant support from the bidet industry while it was being written, but is an independent work that surveys the industry as a whole. While retailers eagerly read this book themselves, they won t carry it on their website since it lists and describes all their competitors.

"Thank you very much for your book. I received it before Christmas and already read it several times..."

"Basically you book is a very good sales weapon, with nice information." Mihail Lisu, Clean O Seat

"As far as I can see, the book is a comprehensive bidet-bible of sorts (with an impressive circulation rate). Personally, I love the no-holds-barred attitude towards both subject matter and um . . . vocabulary".
Julie Geoghan, Duravit Corp.

"Bill, I am finishing the book now. I like it. And there's reason for it to be read far and wide. It will change my life in more ways than you can know at this time. I think you're onto something."
Lanny Cotler, screenwriter and film maker

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Copyright 2007, William Bruneau

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