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WB Publisher is a small press that publishes important books and posters ignored or overlooked by other publishers. We are a small, growing press with big plans to make a better life and easier life for all of us. While this may seem presumptuous in a post-modern world where there are over 150,000 new titles every year in English alone, we feel that there still is room for meaningful titles on new subjects or new approaches to established subjects.


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Our Beginnings

Our imprint began years ago with one poster, The Vegetable Gardener's Guide, which puts before your eyes all the facts that a gardener needs for successful organic gardening from seed to harvest. While there have been many gardening books duplicating this effort, there was no poster for easy visual reference for organic information, and it still is the only one far as we can tell. Includes companion plants.

Our book, The Bidet, is the first ever book on bidets in the English language. Here it is 2004, and this is the very first book, ever, on the bidet. Nothing was in the Library of Congress, nothing was in Books In Print - until The Bidet. A healthy ass, or derriere, is essential to your personal hygiene and physical well being, and how poorly understood the perianal area is! The Bidet is the only complete source of impartial, objective bidet information that helps you find the best bidet model for your needs and pocketbook.

We recommend that you periodically check this website for useful and interesting new titles.


We are always interested in manuscripts from authors that fulfill our editorial goals:

Non-Fiction works that represent exhaustive and extensive research that is state-of-the-art,

Topics (or treatments) that are not readily available to the reading public,

Well-written books that engage as well as edify.

Authors may contact us at our address or website for more information.

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