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About Bill and Betsy Bruneau

WB Publisher is an imprint that publishes books and posters on important topics ignored or overlooked by other publishers. We have big plans to make life better and easier for all of us. Our first three projects illustrate our intent:

It's Easy To Live Better, Live Longer

  • Folic Acid: Everything You Need to Know About Folic Acid (Folate, Vitamin B9) From the Latest Research: Crucial To Everyone's Health and Longevity

    A very readable, basic primer for anyone who wants easy benefits of improved health and longevity. Current research has confirmed that the folates are crucial to everyone's health, and are the basis of many diseases from colon cancer to depression, stroke to anemia. This up-to-date book contains all the latest research on this vitamin, and helps you decide how much folate is appropriate for your optimum health. No longer "the woman's vitamin", folates are essential to the whole family's health from birth to old age.

  • First Edition, The Very First Book Published, Ever

  • The Bidet: Everything There Is To Know, From The First and Only Book On The Bidet; An Elegant Solution for Comfort, Health, Happiness, Ecology, and Economy; The Topic No One Talks About, The Device That Can Save Your Life.

    We have written the first book ever on the bidet! Don't laugh or be embarrassed - the right bidet can be an incredibly effective tool for personal cleanliness, and this book explains everything! Known in the bidet industry as "The Bidet Bible", this book will save you many times its cover price while improving your health and personal comfort.

  • The Ultimate Guide For Vegetable Gardeners

  • The Vegetable Gardener's Poster   contains all the information you need for a productive, successful vegetable garden in one glance. Everything you need (soil prep, spacing, companion plants, through harvest, etc) in one convenient, easy-to-read place. Everything is clearly visible on our attractive fully-laminated poster. This fully laminated poster on sturdy card stock is a natural for the potting shed. Decorated with heirloom vegetable etchings

The Most Important Vitamin You Never Heard Of!

The Folic Acid Book lists 91 diseases and conditions associated with folate deficiency. It also lists three diseases and conditions associated with too much folate. Folate is essential to your very life, but the right dosage is crucial. This book is your best tool to find what dosage is right for you. No other source brings all the latest knowledge to your fingertips.

Brain atrophy to cervical cancer, preterm births to hip fractures, folate deficiency is implicated in a wide array of diseases and conditions. Not only does this book list them all, it explains why. Folate controls homocysteine which is implicated in its own list of diseases. Common mutations affect how much folate you need - does this include you?

Even though most commercial foods in the U.S. are fortified with folic acid, most of us still do not get enough folate. Condensed "scorecards" make visible what research tells us. For example, one scorecard lists all research that found us deficeint, who was found deficient, and how deficient they are. Another scorecard summarizes what research has found to be optimum intakes of folate. Furthermore, there are several types of folate available with different absorption and bioavailability in your body.

Improve Your Health and Happiness

The Bidet Book is the only complete source for bidet information. Feel better, cleaner, contribute to a cleaner environment, and save money with a bidet. Bidets are great for personal health and hygiene, hemorrhoids, improved shitting, female hygiene, toilet training, etc.

"I didn't know you could feel this physically comfortable and clean! What a relief! Why'd it take me 58 years to find out about bidets?"

All forms of bidet are covered, including toilet seat bidets, bidet toilets, toto units, washlets, and sitz baths. The Bidet explains how to use any bidet and how to set them up. Cutting-edge information on various bidets' many benefits are thoroughly covered.

For example, 96 medical citations validate better health. The Bidet offers a consumer reports-style comparison guide of all bidet models. This book saves you many times its price of $7.95!

So what is so important about a bidet, anyway? Millions of people use bidets every day, all over the world, to literally save their ass. One manufacturer alone produces over 2 million bidets a year. The Japanese will buy a bidet before purchasing a computer or a satellite dish. Find complete bidet info - select The Bidet Book button.

Your Best Vegetable Garden Ever

Using our gardening poster - The Vegetable Gardener's Guide - Your vegetables grow taller, grow better, and grow more delicious - whether you garden organically or conventionally.

The Vegetable Grower's Guide visually presents everything a gardener needs to grow nearly any vegetable in one large poster (24" X 36"). It thoroughly covers both standard and organic gardening of vegetables (including biointensive). All information for seed starting, transplanting, cultivation, and harvest are covered for all vegetables: from tomato, onion, lettuce, and corn, through sunflower, potato, even strawberries.

The Vegetable Grower's Guide is fully laminated for a lifetime of use, and its margins are decorated with fine line drawings of heirloom vegetables from the 1800s. Popular with beginners, yet nursery professionals and master gardeners love it! If you garden, select the button for The Vegetable Grower's Guide to see how much garden lore we have packed into one poster!

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The Bidet is intentionally produced as a spiral bound book, which allows it to be constantly updated it as new material comes in. The Folic Acid book is still evolving, and you receive the most current version. The Vegetable Growers Guide poster is unique and only available on this website and from Bountiful Gardens.

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