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Everything There Is To Know, From The First and Only Book On The Bidet; An Elegant Solution for Comfort, Health, Happiness, Ecology, and Economy; The Topic No One Talks About, The Device That Can Save Your Health.

Written by William Bruneau
Published: September, 2004. 112 pages.
Spiralbound. $7.95
ISBN 0-9748799-0-8     LCCN: 2004096271


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The Bidet will demystify and thoroughly educate you about every type, every use, and every aspect of all the bidets, including toilet seat bidets and toto washlets,. Everything known about the bidet is thoroughly covered, including how to set up and how to use any bidet. This book will enable you to choose the best bidet for your pocketbook. You will have improved personal comfort and cleanliness with your bidet, as well as anal and hemorrhoid health and improved personal hygiene.

For over 250 years the bidet has offered us superior personal hygiene, especially feminine hygiene. It is frequently an excellent cure for hemorrhoids and other anal conditions. The last 50 years has seen a revolution in its form and function. Sitting on the toilet and smearing yourself with toilet paper simply cannot effectively clean your ass, derriere, or whatever you call it. These relics of our primitive past no longer fit into the new millenium.

Perianal health and real personal hygiene are now available with toilet seat bidets. Toilet seat bidets provide a compact unit that can be retro-fitted to viturally any toilet. There are also washlets (japanese toilets), hand held bidets, and portable bidets. Many are extremely easy to set up and use. Each of the many different devices called the bidet have good things to offer. The Bidet book explains everything, shows you how, what to look for, and guides you to the best bidet for your health and hygiene! Profusely illustrated.

Modern bidets are a huge benefit to the environment.
Bidets will also save you a lot of money,
and reading this book will maximize those savings.

A list of bidet manufacturers, describing and comparing their products is included, including Toto (Washlet, Neorest), Cleanoseat, Panasonic, Hometech, Bio Bidet, INAX, Kohler, and Geberit. Major re-sellers like Sanicare and Hygiene For Health are also reviewed.

This is what top bidet professionals think of this book

"I have read with great interest the copy of "The Bidet" you kindly mailed me. You boldly deal with this subject which seems to be the victim of a long-standing conspiracy. You have covered all the different aspects of the bidet that need to be known by the consumer... Your work will be very helpful to wake up Americans to the reality of the bidet." - Jorge Rebagliati, Bidematic Bidet System

I read the book cover to cover and found it very accurate, informative and good reading. Keith Chamblin, Hygiene For Health (perhaps the most knowledgeable bidet marketer in the U.S.)

"Thank you very much for your book. I received it before Christmas and already read it several times... Basically your book is a very good sales weapon, with nice information." - Mihail Lisu, CleanOSeat

"It's a great book! I enjoyed it a lot. Used it to help me update our website. I showed it to our owner, who is Taiwanese, and who has used a bidet all his life. He liked the book." - Marc Wallin, Feel Fresh Bidet

"As far as I can see, the book is a comprehensive bidet-bible of sorts (with an impressive circulation rate). Personally, I love the no-holds-barred attitude towards both subject matter and um...vocabulary". - Julie Geoghan, Duravit Corp

My son was visiting friends in the S.F. Bay Area. One young woman told him she was working for a bidet manufacturer. He replied that his father had written the book on the subject. She replied that they had a copy at the office for reference. "We call it our Bible."

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